The Tales Of Elk & Bee

Designer furniture, home decor, toys & gifts for babies and kids

Welcome to the tales of Elk & Bee. We love what we do and thought it was important for you to understand the story on how we came about.

Two Melbourne based sisters with big hearts and creative minds, Elk & Bee have a vision; home living should look beautiful. We have always loved design and with little ones arriving, we wanted to create a stylish space where one’s imagination would be set free; where children could dream without boundaries and adults could relive their childhood fantasies. 

Keeping the magic of childhood wonder and imagination alive.

Great products can create intrigue or wonder. Some are just so charming that they put a smile on your face every time you look at them. Either way, they have a unique and special feeling about them that moves you in an extraordinary way. 

We find beautiful products for you and your family.

What separates the best from the good? It comes down to the details. We spend our time meticulously curating the most beautiful baby and kids items from across the globe to bring you the best from local and international designers. It’s the little things in life that bring great joy and knowing you have the best is worth celebrating.

Elegance, simple nordic charm and animal favourites; our range provides the setting for your modern fairy tale.

Nothing but the highest quality.

We adore contemporary design but we are also sticklers for the good old fashioned values of authenticity and integrity. All of our products are carefully chosen for their superior materials, craftsmanship and originality and we are confident that each item is made with the highest levels of love and care.

Happily ever after.

Join our kindred spirits on the quest to bring some magic and style into all our childrens' needs and ensure a happy ending to your fairytale.


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